ICT in teaching – using pictures

In the ICT course, it was shown how easily one can create a picture puzzle with the help of PowerPoint. This is an excellent and fun way to grap students’ interest as an introduction into a topic, as there is an interactive and competitive element to it. For instance, one can set the scene of a book in this manner (“depuzzling” the picture of a place where the book takes place) or maybe lead into a topic in a surprising manner (e.g. “depuzzling” the image of an object or person not typically associated with the topic).

Another important aspect that was raised was that of copyright. It was good to be reminded that, even if we are so used to just go and find a suitable picture from the infinitely large pool on the Internet, these pictures are actually all copyrighted (without specific notes hereof). So, be careful to always mention the source of the picture.


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