Do you want to bet?

In the UK, betting is extremely popular. So, if you know a Brit, he or she has probably betted on something at least once. Brits bet on anything. Of course, you can bet on rather traditional things, such as, who is going to win the World Cup, the horse race, the Premier League, Wimbledon, etc. But the British wouldn’t be the gamble loving and innovative people they are, if you could only bet on sports results. More bizarre bet targets are, among many, many others, who will be the next Bond girl, what will be the colour of the dress of the Oscar award winning best actress, who will win the Lost Booker Prize, how many iPads will be sold in 2010, who of the Girls Aloud singers will be the first to have baby, and so on. No kidding! By the way, currently the odds for winning the best picture award at the Oscars are in favour of Avatar. Just in case you want to bet…


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