Top fives

Ever read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (one of my favourite authors)? As well as his other books, it’s highly recommendable!

Basically it’s about Rob, who owns a (rather unsuccessful) record shop in London and has just been left by his girlfriend. Rob spends a lot of time compiling “top-five” lists – mainly to express his superior knowledge of music, but also on greater issues in life, such as the top-five  “most memorable split-ups (chronological order)”. In short, it’s a book about music, London, relationships and life in general, written in Hornby’s distinctive humorous and spot-on style.

Not being able to decide on five all time favourite musical artists (or albums for that matter…) myself, I settled on the top-five artists that I currently never skip on the iPod in shuffle mode:

  • Paul Kalkbrenner
  • Chemical Brothers
  • Kings of Leon
  • Grand Avenue
  • Razorlight

What are your music faves?


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