The big revelation?

I’m sure you all know that I mean Miss Lucy’s talk in chapter seven. So, in this week’s reading what questions have been answered, which are still open? How much do we know? How much do we suspect? And how much do the characters in the book know, how much do they suspect (as they have been “told and not told”)?



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5 responses to “The big revelation?

  1. Alessandro

    What we , the readers, know is that the children are being isolated from the outer world, but we still don’t know what society they’re being “protected” from by the guardians, neither I think do the children.
    Their state of health is of course vital for the process of donation but they’re missing out important experiences. Of course now one can argue that their life is going to be too short anyway.
    Where are their parents in first place anyway? Do the children even know them? Maybe, this is just a thought that went through my mind once, they are too ashamed about having given their children away for donations, maybe they had financial problems and were promised high financial settlement for their child.
    Or maybe it’ all an organised thing. Women getting pregnant for the aim of creating new donators.
    This idea would correspond to the one remarked by Leonie, Sophia and Sabrina.

  2. Sabrina

    As Leonie said we know now, that the children don’t really have a future because they have to donate their vital organs but we still don’t know where their parents are. If there even exist any parents and I’m not shure but it would be logical if the kids knew what happened to their parents. So I think that they know more than we do.

  3. Sophia

    I wonder why the students don’t bother about the donations and Hailsham with all strange things happening there. If I was at Hailsham I would have been very shocked and would have tried to escape as soon as I would have found out what’s going on in hailsham – the quicker the better.
    One reason could be that they are, as Sabrina thinks, breeded children and the have had a brainwash since they were babies.

  4. Leonie

    Miss Lucy tells them that they shouldn’t think about their future. They will probably never have one because of the donations. We (and they) know now that they all have to donate their vital organs. That’s the reason why they can’t (or are not allowed) to have babies. And that might be the reason why they never talk about their parents. As Sabrina said they are kind of breeded children.

    • Nina

      In chapter seven miss Lucy explained that nobody of them could go to America and nobody would be a film star, because their lives had already been decided (fix). We know that they can’t have babies. They and also we understand that their lives are only destined for the donations.
      In chapter twelve the idea came up that each of them was copied from a normal person. So they want to find the person from who they’re modelled (they call them possibles).

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