Baker Street, London

Having just watched the most entertaining and highly recommendable Sherlock Holmes film by Guy Ritchie and having once stayed in a hotel not very far from the Baker Street, I thought I would dedicate today’s post to it.

It is rather interesting that the famous address 221B Baker Street actually did not exist in Holmes’ era (covering the time from 1880 up to 1907, with a final case in 1914). Today the address graces the building that houses the Sherlock Holmes Museum, the first museum in the world dedicated to a fictional character. The street was named after builder William Baker who laid the street out in the eighteenth century. It was originally a high class residential address, but now is mainly occupied by commercial premises.

The street also featured in other fiction, such as the children’s book series Basil of Baker Street (by Eve Titus), also known in the Walt Disney animated film adaptation Basil the Great Mouse Detective. The Bank Job is another movie based around the street, as it portrays the 1971 robbery of the Lloyds Bank in Baker Street.


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