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This is my first post in a blog ever! I am thus not really sure how significant my words should be… Therefore, to take pressure off, I will just stick to something fairly basic. As mentioned in the ‘About’ section, the main purpose of this blog is to talk about Never Let Me Go, so I will start with a few lines about the author and a question for the first few chapters of the book.

Kazuo Ishiguro was born in Nagasaki, Japan, on 8 November 1954 and came to Britain in 1960 when his father began research at the National Institute of Oceanography. He was educated at a grammar school for boys in Surrey and studied English and Philosophy at the University of Kent. Ishiguro has been writing full-time since 1982. In 1989 he received the Man Booker Prize for Remains of the Day, his third novel. Further information: www.contemporarywriters.com/authors/?p=auth52

In Never Let Me Go the narrator Kathy addresses us directly, with statements like “I don’t know how it was where you were, but at Hailsham we used to have some form of medical every week” [p. 13], and she thinks that we too might envy her having been at Hailsham [p. 4]. What does Kathy assume about anyone she might be addressing, and why?



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11 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Viviane

    I agree with Rebekka that Hailsham must be the only thing Kathy knows. She doesen’t know anything about the “normal” world.
    But I would even go further in asking: Do they have parents at all? And why aren’t they aloud to have contacts to the outside world at all?

  2. flurina

    I agree with leonie! kathy doesn’t think about that there are other people who don’t go to the hailsham school. it’s clear for her that everybody knows her school.

  3. Rebekka

    Kathy doesn’t know another surroundigs, the boarding school is the only place she can live. It’s almost a matter of coure living there.
    Although it’s like in a “cage”, she lives in a protectet world and she’s not just really unhappy to be there. She meets friends, maybe they are the only persons she has ever met ( I also asked myself the question if the children have parents who are still living and who sent their children to this boarding school??
    If the children don’t have friends or relatives outside of their “own world”, I can understand why she accept her situation at the boarding school, because it’s the only thing she knows.

  4. Sabrina

    I wonder why these children never talk to there parents. Is it possible that they don’t have parents at all? Maybe they are not really humans but sort of factitious made children? What else could be the reason that they can’t have children?

  5. Monique

    Different questions appear when I read the book. I don’t understand why they are called guardians and not teachers. And why is the song (“Never let me go”) on the casette so important for Kathy? I mean, there are many other nice songs. And why have they such a problem to speak openly about smoking?

  6. Dear all,
    Thanks for your contributions so far. Here’s another topic for you: What disturbing questions are raised in your minds when you read the book? (I can certainly think of a few…)

  7. Mary

    Good point, Carla. The part about feeling like being the spider I found really horrific and creepy. Something seems very strange… How did you guys feel reading that bit?

  8. Carla

    I, too, agree mostly with the three people leaving a comment before me.
    But she does explain the “exchange”. The exchange seperates Hailsham from other boarding schools.
    Also she does assume, that we all knew the feeling to be a “spider”. When you know, that someone doesn’t hate you, but still shudders if this someone sees you. It’s when you know you are different from the world outside or the guardians.
    For my part, i never experienced it the way she means it.
    And I don’t envy her for have been being at Hailsham too, although I think I would envy her if I’d had to go to another boarding school.

  9. Sophia

    I agree as well with Leonie. Kathy doesn’t know anything exept a boarding school: For her it’s seems to be impossible, that “we” the reader didn’t go to a boarding school.
    I don’t know why Kathy thinks so, but as the whole book (as far as I read it) is quite strange, that doesn’t bother me very much and I certainely don’t envy Kathy beeing at Hailsham.

  10. Mary

    I think Leonie is right. Kathy believes that we all know her world. That is also the reason why she doesn’t explain words such as “donor” and “guardian”.

  11. Leonie

    She assumes that we all were in at a boarding school. I think she does it because she can’t imagine that somebody hasn’t been at a boarding school.

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